Transactional Data

Easily manage sales, inventory and supply plans data to keep processes efficient and timely. Get started now and discover how easy it is to stay on top of transactional information.

To really get the most out of Claret, you'll want to update your transactional data frequently. Once all your Master Data is set up, you can easily import Sales, Inventory and Supply Plans data.

The transactional data you will need depends on the modules you use. If you are using Sell, you will only need Sales data. All other modules require all 3 types of transactional data.


Sales Data will be entered against a combination of the Finished Goods items and Customer Groups you set up in steps 1 and 2. For details on how to import/add and manage your sales data, go to Sales.


Inventory data is set against a combination of item and location. For details on how to import/add and manage your inventory data, go to Inventory.

Supply Plans

Supply Plans will be entered either against your items or, depending on the type of plan, a combination of items and locations. For details on how to import/add and manage your Supply Plans, go to Supply Plans.

You are now ready to really get your hands dirty and start using Claret. Any assistance you need along the way, we are here to help. Just contact us at

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