Supply Plans

Dive into our comprehensive guide on managing bulk wine, grape, and raw material supply plans, all differentiated by Supply Types. Learn to add, update, and delete records

Within Claret, we store all Supply Plans in one table. We identify the different types of supply plan data by something called Supply Types. So, bulk wine supply, grape supply and raw material supply are all stored together in this table and are differentiated by their type. In this guide, we'll walk through reviewing the data, adding new supply plan records, updating existing supply plan records and deleting supply plan records.

Before adding and viewing Supply Plan data, you will need to define your Supply Types

  1. Go to the navigation sidebar.

  2. Click on the "Settings" menu item.

  3. Click on the "Transactional Data" menu item.

  4. Click on "Supply Plans".

View Supply Plan data

  1. Choose a Supply Type from the Supply Type dropdown. This will show you all the supply plan data for the chosen Supply Type.

On the Supply Plans page, you will notice the following pieces of data that make up a Supply Plan row:

  • Item along with the Item Description

  • Location - this will only be visible if the Supply Type you selected above has a category of 'item-locations'

  • The Supply Date and the Timing Interval it represents

  • Quantity to be supplied / that was supplied

  • Supply Plan Status - this indicates how 'firm' the plan is

Add a Supply Plan row

  1. Go to the "Options" button (the ellipses) in the top-right of the page and click on it.

  2. Click on "Add".

  3. In the tray that shows on the right side of the page, choose the "Item" for the Supply Plan.

  4. Then choose the "Location" for this new Supply Plan record if one is required.

  5. Choose a "Date" that this Supply Plan represents. 👉 Be sure to choose a date that is going to represent the start of the "Timing Interval" that you'll be choosing next.

  6. Type in the "Quantity" of the Supply Plan.

  7. Click on the "Save" button.

In most cases when you're building a plan you'll be planning in months. Although we provide many Timing Intervals, you'll most likely choose "month". In some cases, you may choose "week".

Updating an existing Supply Plan record

  1. Click on the pencil icon next to the record you want to edit.

  2. This will present the tray where you can update the "Date", "Timing Interval", "Quantity," or "Supply plan status".

  3. Click on the "Save" button.

Deleting an existing Supply Plan record

  1. Click on one or more checkboxes on the left-hand side of the Supply Plan records.

  2. Go to the "Options" button (the ellipses) in the top-right of the page and click on it.

  3. Choose "Delete selected".

  4. There will be a confirmation window that shows up. If you indeed want to delete the selected record(s), then enter "DELETE".

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