User Admin

Get access to the secure User Administration module in Claret App and simplify your data security with our intuitive invitation process. Invite others with ease and safely manage users on the go.

Only authorised users can access Claret. In order to get access to the system, you will need to be invited by another user with User Administration privileges.

Users in Claret are managed via the User Admin module within Application Maintenance.

When you enter the User Admin section, you will see a list of all existing users on the left.

New Users

To invite a new user to Claret, select the ellipses in the top right and choose to 'Invite others'.

On the modal that appears, you can now enter the email address of the user you wish to add, along with a message that will be sent in the invitation email to the user.

Initially, the user will have 'View Only' access to all modules, however this can be changed immediately after creating the user if required.

Once all data has been entered, select to 'Send invite'. The user will now get an email inviting them to 'Accept Invite'.

When the user selects 'Accept Invite', they are invited to finish setting up their account by selecting a secure password.

Once the user completes this information they will be logged into Claret, with the access levels you assigned during the invitation process.

Existing Users

If you wish to update an existing user, select their account on the left to see their profile.

There are 3 sections you can manage within a user's profile.

  1. Basic info

Here you can edit a user's name and email address.

Updating a user's name and email will update any reference to the user within other areas of Claret.

You can also reset a user password. (See Password Reset).

2. Privileges

The Privileges panel allows you to manage the access levels for the user. See Managing User Privileges

3. Notification Subscriptions

Users can be subscribed to receive certiain notifications within the system. These notifications are via email to the user's registered email address.

To manage a user's subscriptions, select the 'Notification subscriptions' tab.

Then check the checkbox to either subscribe or unsubscribe a user from each notification. Once complete, 'Save changes'.

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