Bulk Copying Supply Plan Data

Discover how to use Claret's 'Copy into a Supply Type' function for various scenarios, such as planning for the next financial year or creating different supply scenarios.

Sometimes, you may find you want to copy a set of supply plan data into another period, or into another supply type. For example:

  • When planning for the next financial year, you may wish to copy last year's planned supply data into the next year's plan.

  • When using the Make Planning module, you may wish to have a base 'Make Plan' that you use as your 'official' plan, but then have some working scenarios that you use to look at what different supply numbers do to your plans. To facilitate this you can copy the base into another supply type.

The 'Copy into a Supply Type' function can be used for scenarios such as these and many others.

To access this function, select the Options menu (ellipses) at the top of the 'Supply Plans' page.

After selecting the function, the Copy modal will be displayed.

Here you will select the Supply Type you want to copy data from, and the Supply Type you would like to copy data to. Make selections as follows:

  • Copy From Supply Type - the Supply Type that you will be copying data from. For example, if you wish to copy last year's Make Plan you would select the 'Supply Type' containing this data. You can select more than one Supply Type to copy data from - the values per time period will be added. A new row will appear after you select a supply type if you wish to add more.

    • Start Date - the start date for the data you wish to copy

    • End Date - the end date of the data you wish to copy

  • Offset "from" Supply Type date - check this if you wish to copy the data to a different set of dates than the original dates in the data. For example, if you are copying the data from last year to this year, then you would want to offset the data by 12 months. However if you are copying this year's Make Plan to a copy to play around with then you would not want to offset the dates.

    • Timing Interval - the type of time by which you wish to offset the dates (eg months or years).

    • Number of Timing Intervals - the number of timing intervals - eg if you selected years as your interval, and you only want to copy from last year to this year, then you would select '1' as your number of timing intervals to indicate 1 year.

  • Copy To - the Supply Type you wish to copy the data too. (If you are copying to a new supply type then you will need to go to the Supply Types page first to create the supply type so it can be selected here).

So, if you wish to copy last year's Make Plan from 2017 to 2024, you would select the following:

When you make your selections, the data being copied From and To is shown in the table at the bottom of the view so you can validate that what you wish to occur is what will occur.

Once you have confirmed the data to be copied, select 'Copy' You can now look at the 'To' table in the Supply Plans view and see the new data.

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