Claret App makes creating items for different hierarchies easy. Use our guide to learn how to build out item hierarchies for finished goods, work in process (WIP), and raw materials/crop items.

What we will do in this guide is walk you through how you would create a set of items that represent different levels in your Item hierarchy. Once you go through these steps, you'll be able to add new items at any level, make updates and remove items.

Before we get started, let's take a look at the 'Items' page.

  1. Go to the navigation sidebar.

  2. Click on "Settings" menu item.

  3. Click on "Master Data" menu item.

  4. Click on "Items".

When you first visit the page, you will notice that you can select any of the different hierarchies that you have defined and manage the items within these hierarchies from this page. This means Finished Goods items, Work in Process (WIP) items, and Raw Materials/Crop items can all be managed here.

To work through how items are managed, we will use a Finished Goods example, however the steps to build out your items are the same for your other hierarchy types.

Based on the below Finished Good Item Hierarchy levels, we'll create an item hierarchy for our fictitious company, "ZymOeno".

You will need to start with creating your Item Hierarchy before adding Finished Good Items.

Here's the hierarchy that we'll build out

  • Premium

    • ZAM

      • ZAM Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 12 x 750ml

      • ZAM Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 12 x 750ml

      • ZAM Lodi Zinfandel 12 x 750ml

    • Noble Science

      • NSC North Coast Pinot Noir 12 x 750ml

      • NSC North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon 12 x 750ml

      • NSC North Coast Merlot 12 x 750ml

    • Clairemont

      • CLM Central Coast Pinot Noir 12 x 750ml

      • CLM Central Coast Sangiovese 12 x 750ml

      • CLM Central Coast White Blend 12 x 750ml

  • Luxury

    • Fine

      • FNE St Lucia Hills Pinot Noir 12 x 750ml

      • FNE St Lucia Hills Chardonnay 12 x 750ml

    • Prestige

      • PRS Russian River Syrah 12 x 750ml

      • PRS Mendocino Chardonnay 12 x 750ml

      • PRS Sunshine Vineyard Roussanne 12 x 750ml

    • Platinum

      • PLT Sao Ridge Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 12 x 750ml

      • PLT Two Brothers Vineyard Chardonnay 12 x 750ml

      • PLT Carneros Pinot Grix 12 x 75ml

  • Commercial

    • Mallet

      • MLT California Merlot 12 x 750ml

      • MLT California Cabernet Sauvignon 12 x 750ml

      • MLT California Chardonnay 12 x 750ml

    • StoryBook

      • STB Washington Red 12 x 750ml

      • STB Washington White 12 x 750ml

      • STB Washington Rosé 12 x 750ml

    • River Edge

      • REG Texas Big Red 12 x 750ml

      • REG Texas Big White 12 x 750ml

Add first Item for the "Group" level

When you're first building out your hierarchy, it will make things a little easier if you start with the topmost levels of your hierarchy. That's why we are starting with the "Group" level we created in our Item Hierarchy. You can start at any level and move things around, but this is just a tip.

Create the item

  1. Go to the "Options" button (the ellipses) in the top-right of the page and click on it.

  2. Click on "Add unassigned Item".

  3. A tray will slide in from the right. This is where you'll be adding the details about the item.

  4. Enter the "Name" of your item.

  5. Enter the "Description" of your item.

  6. Click on "Save changes" button.

  7. The 'Unassigned' section of the screen will now appear and your newly created item will be visible.

You will see some default items in your hierarchy. These are created as placeholders when you first create the hierarchy. You can either delete them when you have some of your actual items created or edit them to include in your item setup.

Assign the item

  1. Drag the newly created Item from the "Unassigned" section to the "Assigned" section. Drop it on the row that has "Items" spelled out.

  2. You'll notice that it is now assigned to the "Group" level, which is the topmost level that we created in the Item Hierarchy.

Adding more items

You can continue to create new items as we did above. Or, you can create them from the perspective of the item you just created. Let's create another "Group" item.

  1. Click on the ellipsis button to the left of the newly created and assigned item.

  2. Click on the '+' icon beside "Add another Group"

  3. This will show the tray again and this is where you can create this new item - we'll create 'Commerical'.

  4. By doing it this way, you are creating the item and assigning it at once.

Let's add a child item under the "Commercial" group we created.

  1. Click on the ellipsis button to the left of the newly created and assigned item.

  2. Click on the "Add Brand under this Group".

  3. Create the item by entering in the "Name" and the "Description".

Now we have some levels of our Items hierarchy built out. We can continue with these steps to build out the rest of the Items.

Items can also be re-ordered and moved around the hierarchy using the drag and drop feature

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