Make Planning Setup

Set up your Make Plan in Claret with our detailed guide. Understand the importance of master data items, manage sales history and forecast, and optimize inventory across locations.

In order to build out a Make Plan and feed this into a Crop Supply Plan, there are master data items that need to be configured. Many of these are also used in other modules and so may already be set up, but here we will walk through what information is needed and how this informs the Make Plan.

Core Data

The very first set of data that needs to be set up is the Parent and Child WIP Hierarchy. This is built using a Work In Process - aged Item Hierarchy. (via the Item Hierarchy page).

Items are then added to this Hierarchy via the Items page. (Select the correct Hierarchy at the top)

The Current Vintage for the Parent is set against the Parent Item

Each Child WIP then has a Routing, Age Start and Vintage defined.

To then build out the Make Plan, an additional Master Data setup is required.

Note: In the links below, change <TENANT> to the name of your tenant. In this example, the tenant is "zymoeno":

CategoryDataMaster Data RequiredNotes



Only Sales up to the ‘Forecast Start Date' set in<TENANT>/settings/application-maintenance/settings are included.





Forecast Sales at the non-vintage level are apportioned across vintages based on the ‘sell-date’. A forecast sale will be dynamically attributed to a vintage child WIP item if it is between the Ideal Release Date of the WIP item and the Ideal Release date of the next WIP item.



Inventory will be the sum of all WIP inventory across locations


Finished Goods

Inventory will be the sum of all Finished Good inventory across locations

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