Get your data set up quickly and easily with Claret. We'll guide you through the process of setting up elementary pieces of information so that you can move on.

There are a number of initial data items that you will need to set up before you can go through the onboarding steps. These relate to elementary pieces of information you'll need in order to set up some of your more specific data.

The following table lists the pages you'll need to visit in Claret to set up this base data.

DataClaret PageInstructions


Master Data > Calendars

Master Data > Calendar Definitions


Master Data > Varietals

Visit the page and select the 'Add varietal' button to begin adding your varietals


Master Data > Vintages

Visit the page and review the initial set of Vintages set up by our team. To add more, select the 'Add' button from the options (ellipses) menu in the top right.

Once these have been set up you're ready to head on to Step 1: Finished Goods Items.

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