9. Connecting Items and Locations

Create multiple item@location records in one step and add inventory and supply plans for those items and locations.

When tracking inventory, and also in some instances when planning supply, you will want to connect your items and locations. You cannot add inventory against an item at a particular location unless an 'Item@Location' has been created. Once your items and locations have been set up this is fairly easy to do.

To create your Item@Locations, go to the Items@Locations master data page.

Select the item hierarchy that you wish to connect to Locations. Depending on the modules you are using you will need to do this both for your finished good item hierarchies and your work in process (WIP) hierarchies.

To add a new Item@Location, select 'Add' from the Options menu.

In the same way as we connected Items and Customer Groups in Step 3, we can also now select multiple items and locations to create multiple Item@Location records in one step.

Select the Item(s) and Location(s) you wish to connect.

Select Add, and all these item@locations records will be created.

You can now add inventory and supply plans for these items and locations.

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