7. Supply Types

Claret App simplifies inventory management and makes creating supply types a breeze. Plan for items, locations, dates, and quantities with ease and stay on top of your supply needs.

Now we know your finished goods items, bulk wine items, and recipes, the next step is to set up your Supply Types.

Just as Sales Types are used to capture sales demand and history, Supply Types are used to capture planned and actual supply - supply plans. A supply plan record contains an item, date and quantity, or an item at a location, date and quantity.

There are a minimum set of Supply Types required to be set up for each function to work. These supply types are:

FunctionSupply TypeComments

Make Planning

Make Plan - Main

This is the actual planned supply of vintage WIP items

Crop Supply Planning

Crop Supply Plan

Planned supply of crop items

To add your Supply Types go to the 'Supply Types' page and select 'Add' from the options (ellipses) menu.

Enter a name and description (you can use the suggestions above or your own name) and select a category type from:

  • items-only - for supply plans where location is not a parameter or not yet known (eg long-term plans)

  • item-locations - for supply plans where the item-locations are a parameter

Hit 'Save', and the supply type will be created.

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