3. Connecting Items and Customer Groups

Easily connect your Finished Goods items to Customer Groups with Claret App. Manage sales forecasting and record sales at the customer level for better decision-making power.

Item@Customer Group

We now need to make a connection between what you sell and who you sell it to so you can forecast and record sales at the customer level.

Once your Finished Goods items and Customer Groups are set up this is fairly straightforward to do.

If you sell (or might sell) all your items to all your customer groups, you can connect them all in one step.

Go to the Item@CustomerGroups master data page.

Select the finished good item hierarchy and customer group hierarchy that you have set up on the previous 2 steps.

Select 'Add' from the options menu (ellipses) in the top right of the screen.

To connect all items and customer groups in these hierarchies, select the checkboxes at the top level on both hierarchies and select 'Add'. This will automatically select all the levels below.

Alternatively, if you don't sell all your items to all customer groups, you can select connections at a more granular level and add in smaller batches by repeating the process above but selecting the items and customer groups within their hierarchy.

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