12. Connecting Crop Items and Crop Locations

Easily set up and connect crop items to locations with Claret App. Create multiple Item@Locations in one step with our easy-to-use interface.

To plan crop supply and demand, you will now need to connect your crop items to crop locations so you can map the grapes which are being grown at different locations. For example you may wish to map Grade A Cabernet Sauvignon (CAS-A) to a particular block.

To create your Item@Locations, go to the Items@Locations master data page.

Select the crop item hierarchy that you wish to connect to your crop locations. You will then need to select the Location Hierarchy also.

To add a new Item@Location, select 'Add' from the Options menu.

In the same way as we connected Items and Locations in Step 9, we can also now select multiple items and locations to create multiple Item@Location records in one step.

Select the Item(s) and Location(s) you wish to connect.

Select Add, and all these item@locations records will be created.

Now that Crop Locations and Crop Items have been set up and connected, you can use the Crop Supply Plan we created in 7. Supply Types to start planning your crop item supply at each location.

You also now have all the data set up that you need to use the Crop Supply Planning feature.

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